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WaterLoop! WaterLoop!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great idea!

I like that the previous reviewer sang your praises for the conceptual and inspirational art you make.... and then you go and make an animation about boobs! Brilliant.

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Veinom responds:

hahahaha! awesome observation! XD

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Eva (Demo) Eva (Demo)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad for a start

This is ok. It sounds like you've used a fair amount of the FL preset sounds though, it sounds fairly similar to alot of other stuff on here to me. The little piano break is quite nice, that does make it a little different.

Your melody needs work though, it's in there, I can just about make it out but it needs to a bit more interesting in terms of phrasing and rhythm. Many of the notes come in on the half beat and a lot of the jumps are similar. You need to come up with a definite structure in this song as well, the song doesn't really lead me anywhere, it just meanders about.

I recommend thinking very carefully about where you want the song to go. Question yourself at every juncture. Does adding this part make sense? Could I do with another change of pace here? Does this build lead into anything? etc. The piano break is nice but it doesn't appear to lead into anything.

Some of your arrangement is a little confused as well. A lot of the parts are stepping on each others toes. You should focus on giving every single part a space in the mix in terms of frequency and volume. You seem to have wacked everything up really loud here so there are no dynamic changes which gets boring.

The initial idea is ok but is a little underdeveloped. Work on a more definite melody with better phrasing and think about your sections and you could have a cool little track here.

Review Request Club.

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Deep in the &amp;lt;3 of Us (instr) Deep in the <3 of Us (instr)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Huge bass sound! That's really nice. I like the clicks and the expressive lead style. It's nice that you haven't quantized it and it's a little sloppy sounding. I like your little twinkly sound as the bass comes in too, nice touch!

I would have liked a little more cohesion between the different sections, it all sounds like one big solo and it would have been nice to get a slightly more repetitive melody line going on. You could have added in some chords and stuff to fatten it out in places too. I know the whole point is it's meant to be sparse but a few more sustained notes rather than monophonic organ lines would have helped to define the structure. Bringing the static sound in and out could have helped that too, and making the drum parts a bit more substantial and less free-form. It's hard to get into the groove in this song as it is.

The mix is nice and deep though, there is plenty of feel and attention to detail which is great. I couldn't listen to it over and over again though myself.

MarkArandjus responds:

Thanks, I'm glad somebody noticed the chimes when the bass comes in!

Hm, gotchya on the cohesion, I was hoping the bass line would do that though as it stays pretty much the same throughout the song.

Yeah I like to have this song on loop, unless you're paying attention you don't really notice it ending becuase of the static in the background :)

Thanks for the review!

Our Nova Pt. 1 Our Nova Pt. 1

Rated 3 / 5 stars


This is way too loud dude. I'm running windows vista at the moment and my sound is set to volume 18 out of a hundred and I've had to turn the NG player down to it's lowest point to avoid having my head taken off. This track needs mastering man, louder is definitely not better as you don't get any feel or dynamics. All of your parts are turned up to 11 so I can't tell what I'm meant to be focusing on. I'm just being bombarded with noises. There is clipping between 14 and 20 seconds as you introduce the synth, particularly in the left channel.

The track isn't bad having said that though. You need some variety in your melody lines, the long notes are too static and get a little annoying to listen to. You can put vibrato, glide and pitch bends on long notes to make the melodies more interesting. and you need to change them up too. Make them prevalent and add harmonies, counter-point and call and response. Your melody should be the center of attention in your songs and here it is being drowned out.

This track is way too long. There's a fair amount of repetition and I can't tell what the structure is. It's all just ON and loud all the time! You need to give the listener hints as to which parts are the most exciting by adding dynamics and builds. You have some nice basic sounds but your melodies and mastering need work.

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Hmm, I like this review. Its very constructive. Well, I will take into consideration everything you said. I agree, it does get too loud, and my mastering does need work. I'm horrible at it. I thought the melodies were pretty nice, but we all have our own interpretations. And for harmonies, the gated pads harmonize with the bass and the melody. And from 1:36-1:50 there is a huge emphasis on harmonics, so you would have to agree, I made a pretty good attempt at that.
Well, I read and understood everything you said, and I really am thankful for your constructive criticism.